Steradian Laser Tag Anytime, Anywhere

Laser Tag Guns for Everybody. Kids to Adults, Birthday Parties to Military Simulation. We have you Covered.

Laser Tag Guns edge

Laser tag guns and equipment, designed by experts, produced for everyone. Steradian Laser Tag leads the way with cutting-edge development and reliable, long-ranged equipment. Experience all the excitement of shooting and hunting sports without the danger. No protective clothing is needed, since the “guns” shoot harmless beams of invisible infrared light.

Outdoors or indoors, we design our laser tag equipment to appeal to the broadest range of players while keeping your costs low with excellent durability. Fun and varied game styles work with innovative features like online scoring to keep your customers coming back. And you own the equipment, eliminating the hidden costs of leased equipment!

Our Zombie Hunt laser tag system is perfect for scary entertainment!

Our new X-Series laser tag guns feature our exclusive Chimera technology, blending RF data systems with downloadable game content to provide unmatched value, versatility, and user-friendliness to both field owners and players.

Our Classic Series laser tag guns are an economical option, using proven technologies while featuring exactly the same sturdy construction and long-ranged outdoor performance as the X-Series guns.

Let Steradian Technologies help you set up your laser tag field. We have more than a decade of experience in the laser tag industry, and can help you navigate the technical, marketing, and logistical challenges of starting a laser tag business or adding laser tag to your existing entertainment offerings. Our goal is to provide your field with the top-notch equipment and product support you need, without pushing restrictive contracts or unnecessary purchases. Your success is our success.