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Steradian Laser Tag Engineering

Manufacture of Laser Tag Equipment


Laser Tag Equipment for Professionals

We manufacture laser tag guns and equipment (for indoor and outdoor) built to keep your business running and your players happy. With more than 20+ years of experience, Steradian Engineering has refined our laser tag guns to unmatched levels. Our equipment is designed for the arenas, fields, FEC Family Entertainment Centers. We are proud to be a part of the US military bases thru out the world for training and family fun days.


Laser Tag Equipment for Everyone

Our laser tag equipment makes for a fun, healthy activity filled with adrenaline, excitement and exercise. At Steradian Engineering, our focus is making laser (Infrared) tag fun equipment for everyone, young and old, big and small, women and men, girls and boys.


The Power of Simplicity

Strip away the complexity, and play with the power! Our X-Series is built on the newest radio technologies with the best ranges and features. Yet it is controlled with a simple and intuitive interface which gets you right in the game.

Packages for every entertainment business


For Rollercoasters and Rides

Added a competitive edge to your rollercoasters, sky coasters, alpine coasters, and many more. Installing our weatherproof targets along the route, allowing the customers to score as may points as they can with live feedback.

For Rollercoasters and Rides

For Ziplines

Soaring down a zip-line, while shooting at targets adds new level of exciting and competitiveness for Zipline Operations.

Zipline Laser Tag
Backyard laser+ tag

For Mobile Parties

Steradian Laser Tag offers custom mobile packages, for backyard parties or a local park. With easy set up and simple to run games is a great addition to any parties.

Mobile Laser Tag
Campground laser tag player

For Campgrounds

Give your guests another reason to pick your location and keep coming back every year.

Campground Laser Tag
Corn maze laser tag

For Corn Mazes

Steradian Laser Tag adds another dimension of fun and interactivity to your agritourism attractions.

Corn Maze Games
Zombie laser tag

For Haunted Attractions

Bring true interactivity to your haunted attractions and dark rides with Steradian Laser Tag. Having the actors wear our targets that activate when shot at by the customers. How may zombies can you eliminate.

Zombie Laser Tag

Steradian Laser Tag has you covered

Let us help you set up your laser tag attraction. We have 20+ year of experience in the laser tag industry, and can help you navigate the technical, marketing, and logistical challenges of starting a laser tag business or adding laser tag to your existing entertainment offerings. Our goal is to provide your field with the top-notch gear and product support you need, without pushing restrictive contracts or unnecessary purchases. Your success is our success.

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