Chimera laser tag target

Chimera Laser Tag Target

A multi-function target to add variety and excitement.

Compatible with: X-Series Advanced Laser Tag System

Price: $249.00

Add exciting new game objectives with our Chimera laser tag targets.

Add challenge, excitement and possibilities

A Chimera Target is a small (4” diameter) target to add more challenge to already exciting X-Series scenarios! Place Chimera Targets around your field for all players to competitively shoot, scoring massive points. Targets aren’t team specific, anybody can shoot them! Some players may choose to hide and shoot just one target, while others quickly move from target to target scoring points.

Fun functions

Shooting a Chimera Target can be challenging. Each target starts out the game “deactivated.” It “charges” up, pulsing red, faster and faster until it is activated. High brightness multi-color LED’s light up to tell you what mode the target is in. You can then shoot it, but watch out! If you wait too long, it “burns out” and starts charging again. When you shoot an activated Chimera Target, it flashes, gives you points (or powerup, depending on game), and resets to being deactivated. If you shoot the Chimera Target while it’s red (deactivated), it takes away points instead of giving them to you! This makes for a fun shooting-gallery experience.

Fun games

The Chimera Target is designed to be an integral part of many different types of games. Here is an example of two different scenarios which use the Chimera Target:

Powerup Quest

Familiar to video game players, this team elimination scenario adds colored Chimera Targets for players to shoot and earn Powerups (upgrades). This is a good scenario for both large and small groups. Shoot a colored target to get these upgrades: Blue: Machine Gun Purple: Rocket Launcher Yellow: Armor Green: Health

Race to Level Seven

This team elimination scenario adds targets for any player to shoot, and level up their gun from 1 to 7, which makes each player stronger and more unique at each level. Interesting strategies arise; do you shoot Chimera Targets to get more points and level up to be the most powerful player, or do you eliminate your opponents early while they focus on powering up? Which ever you decide, be quick, for each target is only green (ready to be shot) for a short time, then returns to red! The team with the most points at the end of the timed game, wins. This is a good scenario for both large and small groups. Each team member picks any of the roles, but remember that each comes with it’s advantages and disadvantages!

You can be a: Sniper: Slow fire - lots of damage. Tank: Normal gun, but has armor protection. Striker: For a runner with a rapid fire machine gun. Medic: Normal gun, but can shoot a Heal Shot at teammates.

Fun games with fewer players

In addition to enabling new, exciting game types, the Chimera Target offers the ability to play laser tag with fewer players! Since the Chimera Target can be added to any standard game, players can focus on building up their score by trying to find active targets and shoot them for score before anybody else gets to them. So if you only have 2 players show up, they can still have fun, working for points while trying to fend off the competition.

Target density

For a typical birthday-party sized game, a minimum of 4 Chimera Targets are recommended. More targets offer more complex challenges.


The Chimera target mounts with two high-power neodymium magnets. Simply pop the target onto a metal surface, or onto the included mounting velcro strap which can be wrapped onto trees, posts, or most any other object.


A single button is used for power. Press and hold to turn it on or off. If you are in a game, the power button is disabled to prevent cheating. The power jack allows the target to charge from a 5V USB power supply (included). The target can be powered off the internal battery, or off USB power. The battery will continue to charge while being powered by USB! All other functions are completely controlled by the game!