Laser tag base

Chimera Base

Unlock a new world of laser tag games.

Compatible with: X-Series Advanced Laser Tag System

Price: $995.00

Bases revive players, as well as act as flags, control points and more, bringing unprecedented depth, strategy, and long-term player interest to every game.

Open new game possibilities

Using the Chimera Base, laser tag players can fight to control, assault, or defend bases, bringing unprecedented depth, strategy, and long-term player interest to every game. The Chimera Base adds base scoring, hits, revives, flags, and more!

Add a whole new level of excitement with team-oriented games like Capture the Flag, Team Bases, and Control Point, which are games that are easy for novices to learn while allowing advanced players to develop complex tactics and team strategies, generating more repeat business for field owners and party providers alike.

  • Multicolor LED light bars display damage levels and timer countdowns
  • Powerful built-in speaker emits booming explosions and alerts
  • Impact-resistant chrome steel, ABS, and Lexan construction
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 24 hours of continuous gameplay
  • Easily packed up for transport, or can be bolted to a surface for use as a permanent indoor field feature
  • Dimensions: 12” W x 9” D x 10” H
  • Weight: 7.9lbs

Revive point

The Chimera laser tag base is where players come to after they are tagged out. After the base “charges up”, it blasts a revive shot to and players on that team in the immediate area.


When starting a game at, just assign the bases to teams like you do with guns; simply drag the base into the “Base” slot in the game setup screen. Two popular Base games are Team Bases and Capture the Flag. Also try the newest Base game, Control Point!

When a player is eliminated, he can run back to his base. Every two minutes, the base revives all eliminated friendly players standing within 10 feet of the front of the base. Players can also attack the enemy base, scoring major points every time they manage to shoot the base. The addition of the bases adds a new dimension to the standard gameplay, encouraging players to defend their own base while sending out raiders to score points by hitting the enemy base.

In Capture the Flag, each side gets a base. Once a player gets within 15 feet of the enemy’s Chimera Base, he can shoot the base to “steal the flag.” The player’s gun is disabled, and repeatedly announces “you have the flag,” making the player a prime target! The player must run back to his own base in order to “capture the flag”, scoring massive points, and regaining the ability to shoot. If the player is eliminated while carrying the flag, the flag “vanishes”, and the player must return to his own base and wait until he revives. After a flag has been taken, the base creates a new “flag” after a few minutes, even if a previously captured flag is still in play. It is thus possible for multiple flags to be in play at once, but remember that every player who is carrying a flag is unable to shoot or hide!

In the newest game, Control Point, there are one or more bases on the field acting as “control points”, in addition to each team’s (optional) home base. The two teams are battling to control these control points. The team that controls the most control points for the longest time during the game will win. Players who have been tagged out can be revived at their home base or any control point their team controls!


Like the X-Series laser tag guns (the E400X and S-7X), the Chimera Base contains an RF chip that sends and receives radio signals between nearby X-Series devices (including laser tag guns and the Chimera Hub). It also has IR sensors that detect laser tag beams. Using these two systems, the Chimera base can detect nearby players, receive hits, and transmit scoring data to the Chimera Hub.

Only the front side of the base contains the hit sensors and transmitters, so players must use strategy and plan their approach in order to get a clear shot at the targetable side of the base. This creates excellent tactical possibilities on the game field.


The Chimera Base runs on an internal rechargeable battery, and can also operate from a wall socket via the included power adapter (which also doubles as a charger for the battery). The internal battery lasts for 12-24 hours of continuous play. Charging the battery from empty takes about 6 hours.